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My 2022 Vitable Review (50% Off!)

April 18, 2022 Mallory 4Comment

I have always been someone who takes a multivitamin daily. Usually, I do a good amount of research to choose which vitamin best fits my needs. I was recently looking around and came across “Vitable”. They offer daily vitamins but are a little different than your average daily multivitamin. I wanted to write a Vitable review to share how these vitamins are tailored directly to what you need. They use lifestyle factors, age, etc.. to choose which vitamins will work best for you.

After using these vitamins for a few months, I have felt great! My skin made it through the winter without a huge amount of dryness. Which for me is a miracle in itself because I have pretty dry skin naturally. My labs were taken during this time and they all came back *perfect*. Every time I come across a product I like enough to where I feel like it needs to be shared, I share it. So here is my Vitable Review.

What is Vitable?

Vitable helps you find the right vitamins that are recommended just for you. They offer personalized daily vitamin packs delivered to your doorstep monthly. These vitamins can take the guesswork out of feeling good. What I love about Vitable is you only take the supplements you need, and nothing extra that you don’t. Each vitamin is manufactured at the highest quality standard with ingredients being prepared in the best form to be absorbed in the body.

A vitable vitamin pack with a smoothie

How It Works

Step 1: Take Their Diet and Lifestyle Quiz

The first step to your personalized vitamin pack is to take their online quiz to find out which vitamins and minerals support your personal needs. This can be determined by learning more about your diet and lifestyle factors. Examples of questions they ask in the quiz include:

  • Your knowledge of vitamins and supplements
  • If you’ve taken vitamins in the past
  • How many vitamins do you currently take
  • Gender/age
  • If you are pregnant or trying
  • If you are interested in pre or post-natal vitamins
  • Which area of health do you want to improve (ex. immunity, hair, digestion, stress, brain, energy, sleep)
  • How you usually feel throughout the day
  • How often do you exercise

Step 2: Review Results

After taking the quiz, they recommended 6 supplements I should take. They explained why I needed these supplements and how they can improve my health. I could choose if I wanted to include these vitamins in my daily pack or not. Having an honest assessment of the benefits of each supplement was nice because I knew what to look out for once I started taking the vitamins.

Step 3: Get a Personalized Vitamin Pack Delivered to Your Door

Once your daily Vitable pack has been created, you will receive a shipment each month. If you have any lifestyle or diet changes, you can go into your account and make those changes so your personalized vitamin packs adapt to what you need.

Information about the Vitable vitamin packs

My Vitable Review: Should You Buy The Vitable Personalized Vitamin Pack?

When it comes to different vitamins I have tried, I would recommend this one the most. I really like how everything is personalized to what you need. Sometimes with multivitamins, I feel like they include nutrients I don’t need more of and it is just a waste. Focusing on health is important to me so I only want to put what I need in my body.

Right now is the best time to try Vitable because they are offering 50% off sitewide. Using my code, MINDFULWITHMAL50 will get you 50% off sitewide.

Get 50% Off Sitewide!

I wanted to do a Vitable review because I enjoyed this product and how easy it was to create my personalized vitamin packs. If you want to try these vitamins, you can get 50% off sitewide using the code MINDFULWITHMAL50  at checkout. This makes these vitamns so affordable to try. Take control of your health and order Vitable personalized vitamins today! After trying them for a few months, they have earned my stamp of approval.

4 thoughts on “My 2022 Vitable Review (50% Off!)

  1. I will have to look into this! It sounds like a helpful service and I always want to stay healthy.

  2. This sounds amazing, I’ve had some bloodwork done and the results says I’m lacking vitamin D. This service makes it way easier though

  3. I hadn’t heard of Vitable before so this is great information on the brand. I like how they all come in one packet so you don’t have so many different bottles.

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