6 Frugal Ways to Save Money During the Pandemic by Stacy from “Kiss Your Money”

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The Coronavirus pandemic has created a new normal where people are stuck behind closed doors for months after months. Many people have lost jobs, and they are spending sleepless nights wondering how to survive the next few months. As such, it has become necessary to live frugally and save money during the pandemic.

In this post, we will talk about a few simple and frugal ways to save money during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, without wasting your time, let’s go straight to the main topic.

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Simple and frugal ways to save money during COVID-19

Here are a few frugal ways to save money during the pandemic.

1. Cook cheap meals at home with what you have

Gastronomy is good for your physical, mental, and financial health. Cooking helps to uplift mood and reduce stress. Plus, when you cook food at home, you are 100 percent sure about the hygiene, which is so important during the pandemic. Most importantly, when you cook food with what you have in your freezer, you can save a lot of money. You won’t have to worry about paying double the price on takeaway foods. Food bloggers and chefs all around the world are uploading videos of cheap meal recipes on Youtube every day. Watch those videos to know how to cook delicious cheap meals with a few ingredients.

2. Lower your auto insurance premium to save money

Call your insurer and ask him to offer you a cheap auto insurance policy. You are staying at home. You are driving less. Your car is mostly parked in the garage. So, what would you do with an expensive auto insurance policy? Get the quote from your insurer and then shop around to know if they are giving you the cheapest policy. Many auto insurance companies are already offering discounts. So, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

3. Select a smart plan for your cell phone to save money

What will you do with an expensive cell phone plan when you are at home for 24 hours? Choose a smart and cheap data plan that would help you to work from home. Shop around and find out what kind of offers are available for you.

4. Speak with your creditors to lower your bills

Many credit card companies and mortgage lenders have come ahead to help consumers facing financial hardship due to job loss or loss of income. If you are one of those unfortunate people, then you can seek help from the credit card companies to get rid of your debt problems.

Most credit card companies are helping people in 3 ways –

1. They are allowing consumers to skip payments for a few months.

2. They are lowering the interest rates to help them make payments.

3. They are waiving off late fees, fines, and penalties to ease the financial pressure.

Call your credit card companies and ask if they can help you in any of these three ways. Discuss all the possible ways to get rid of your debt problems without spending a lot of money. Next, call your mortgage lenders and ask if a deferment option is available for you. Many lenders are giving this option to financially distressed homeowners. So, you can always ask for this option. But do it fast.

5. Cut down your expenses where you can

Look at your credit card statements and find out where you are spending money unnecessarily. You have to cut down your expenses in those areas. First, cancel your gym subscription. You don’t need it during the pandemic. Next, stop buying expensive beauty products. Learn the DIY hacks to keep your skin healthy on a budget. You can also watch videos to know how to shape your eyebrows and cut your hair. Read blogs on how to make DIY home cleaners to save money. Opt for a cheap cable subscription plan for the next few months. If you are bored, download ebooks online and read them. You can also explore your local library. Find out if they are streaming free movies online. You can watch them in your free time.

6. Lower your energy consumption

When you stay at home 24*7 for several months, the energy consumption is likely to go up. So, you have to be careful. Take proactive steps to lower your energy consumption every day. Don’t turn on the light unless you need to. Try to avoid using AC unnecessarily. Unplug all the electronic devices when you are not using them. Try to finish your dinner by 9 pm and go to sleep after the sun sets in. Use LED bulbs as they last longer and consume less energy than other bulbs. These strategies will help you to lower your energy consumption and electricity bill.


Apart from saving money, you should also try to increase your income. Look for ways to generate a passive income stream. You can rent out vacant rooms in your home, work as an affiliate marketer, sell your t-shirt design online, develop and sell an online course, etc. You can also explore the freelancing options. If you are a graphic designer by profession, then you can take up assignments on web development. That would help to increase your monthly income.  

The bottom line is to have liquid cash in your hand. The next few months are critical. You have to build an emergency fund fast to survive 2020 and enter 2021 with a smile on your face.

This post was written by Stacy Miller who “Kiss Your Money”

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