I’m Mallory, nice to meet you! I am a health/wellness and financial blogger based out of Kansas City, Missouri writing for the Mindful With Mal blog.

Over the past 3 years I have taken my health seriously and believe putting healthy foods in my body will add years onto my life. I eat a mostly plant-based diet and all of the recipe’s I create will not contain any animal products. Eating healthy is only part of the overall wellness I try to achieve. I focus a lot on financial wellness and how I can maintain a healthy work-life balance. I love to research new ways to make money online and I am always more than happy to share with my readers. I want for everyone who follows along to achieve their goals of being mindful in the areas of physical and financial health.

I live with my husband, Chase and two dogs, Sophia and Scott. Chase has taken a little longer to join the plant-based train but he isn’t afraid to admit he loves most of the meals I make. We love to go out and enjoy the our city while sharing our experiences along the way. We would love to have you follow along!