I am so happy you took the time to visit Mindful With Mal. I love sharing how I stay mindful in so many areas of my life. The reason I write is to inspire others to live their best life and to inform readers how they can live better in the areas of fun, food, and frugality.

I currently live in a suburb of Kansas City, MO where I work as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher. I love my job and everyone whom I work with and I feel so lucky to work at such a great place. I like to blog on the side of my full-time job so you won’t see me posting weekly. I usually post when I find something that inspires me enough to write about or when I feel like I can be helpful to someone. I eat mostly plant-based so you will notice all of the recipe’s I offer are vegan and contain no animal products. I started this blog because I felt like I was really starting to get the hang of being frugal while still being healthy and I wanted to share it with anyone who needed help with that.

I love chatting with my reader’s so please feel free to reach out if you ever need help saving money or eating healthy!