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If there is one thing that excites me, it is watching the computer at the grocery store ring me up. It is almost like a game to see how inexpensive I can make each grocery trip. After several years of tweaking my system, I feel like I have finally come up with the perfect way to create a grocery list that will not only provide good meals, but inexpensive meals. It has taken me a lot of expensive grocery trips and wasted produce to come up with this plan. Follow the steps below to create an inexpensive, healthy grocery plan:

  1. Find out what you have at home:

    When items go on sale that I buy often, I buy it in bulk. For example, I always have the following items on hand: olive oil, garlic, all types of seasonings, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, protein powder, tahini, quinoa, and rice. When I get close to using the last of something, I put it on my store list of the next store trip. Buying one of these things at a time usually makes it so that I don’t have to drop a lot of money at once on everything. When you view the store list below, the items that I already have at home that I need for the recipe’s are crossed out. Building this stock of staple goods will be helpful when creating a lower grocery budget.

  2. Look at the store’s weekly ad:

    I always peruse the ad to determine what the main produce is going to be in my meals, snacks, sides, and smoothies. Whatever produce is on sale, will be the produce I buy. Whatever meat is on sale, will be the meat I buy. This week the following are on sale that I plan to use in my meals: (I shop at Sprouts, which I would highly recommend for high quality cheap produce)

– Chicken = $1.99/lb                   -Broccoli = $1.25/lb

– Asparagus = $.99/lb                -Cashews (in bulk) = $4.99/lb

– Green beans = $.89/lb.           -Blackberries = 2/$3

-Grapes = $.88/lb

  1. Choose meals, snacks, sides, and smoothies for the week:

    Each week I choose 5 meals, 3 snacks, 2 sides and a few Breakfast Smoothie recipe’s. Like I said before, these always reflect what is on sale. The five meals I choose make enough for my husband and I to eat dinner, and then eat the leftovers for lunch the following day. I will add the link to the recipe’s in case anyone is interested in trying these easy, healthy recipe’s. Some of the recipe’s are my own, while others are ones I have been lucky enough to find from other bloggers!

5 Meals:

3 Snacks:

  • Hummus and Carrots:

Hummus = garbanzo beans, 3/4 avocado, tahini, salt & pepper, garlic, olive oil. Mix in vitamix…..Or just buy pre-made hummus at the store.

  • Blackberries
  • Grapes

2 Sides (Usually I add these to a meal if it needs a little something more)

  • Asparagus
  • Green Beans

Breakfast Smoothie

  1. Create the Grocery List:

    In order to create a grocery list, it is important to look at all of the ingredients needed in the meals, snacks, sides and smoothies that have been chosen. I split my grocery list into sections of the store that I will be in. The sections I create are as follows: produce, dairy, meat, grocery, and bulk. This just makes it easier when I am in the store. I write down all of the ingredients I need for the recipe’s and then I cross out what I already have at home. This helps me so that I don’t forget anything. 

In order for the cheap and inexpensive grocery experience to occur, I do have one tip: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THAT IS NOT ON THE GROCERY LIST!

……Although I have to admit, last week the bulk gummy bears had a sample so I had some and then I bought 1/2 lb. That was my own fault for going to the store hungry. I should have known better!

  1. Prep all food when you get home:

    If the food is prepped and ready to go, it can not be wasted!



If you would like more assistance in lowering your grocery budget please comment below or email me at mallory@mindfulwithmal.com

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