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My husband and I have been married for almost four years now and time is flying. Although we usually have a good time together, we are at the point in our relationship where we don’t really plan dates. We always know on Friday night we are going to go out to eat and get a couple of drinks. Over the weekends we hang out with friends, watch movies, work on the house together or just relax. This is great for us because we are the type of people who LOVE to relax. Occasionally though, it is nice to do something different. We decided to give the Datebox a try and I am so happy we did!

Datebox is a subscription service where you get a new date sent to your home each month. The beauty of this is you don’t have to leave your house to go on a “date”. They do everything from the activity to the drinks so you don’t have to plan a thing. Here is the breakdown of everything that was involved with our box:

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The first part of our date involved making some pink lemonade (vodka optional). The people of Datebox know some people who make just about the best lemonade I’ve had in my life. Pour it on the rocks…add a touch of sugar on the rim and there you go….it’s like you’re at a high-class martini bar.

Conversation Starters

Okay, so when you’ve been married a few years it can sometimes feel like you have talked about everything there is to talk about. It was kind of fun to have these conversation starters and ask each other questions about topics we may not have known each others answer to. One example is “What really excites you about our relationship right now?”. This isn’t a question I would ask my husband on a daily basis so it was kind of fun to hear his answer. We also talked about things we have done together that we are proud of and what some of our future plans are.


Datebox thought of everything and even hooked us up with our very own custom Spotufy playlist.



Now for the main activity. We were sent all of the ingredients needed to make our very own clay planters. By the end of our date we had fresh basil, cilantro, and parsley planted on our front porch ready to grow.

The first step of making the clay planters was to form the clay. When I first pulled the clay out of the package I thought there was no way this was happening. This clay was HARD. After about ten minutes of squishing it with our fingers it started to soften and we could start to form them into pots. It was quite a bonding experience to see who had the arm stamina to knead through this clay the longest.

Once the pots were shaped, we put them in the oven for about 45 minutes. During that time we made the drinks and went through more of the conversation starters. These activities were timed out perfect for how long it took to bake the pots.

After our pots came out and cooled off a little bit. We painted them and labeled them.


The box contained all of the soil and seeds that we would need to make these planters. It has been a few weeks since we planted the herbs and I am starting to be able to use them in our meals! We had a lot of fun during this date and I love how Datebox thought of everything down to the music. We will definitely be getting another box and I am so excited to see what some of the other boxes have to offer!

If you want to try Datebox, head on over to their website and use code MINDFULWITHMAL50 to get 50% off your first box. What a deal!!

If you have any questions or what to share your experience with Datebox comment below!


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