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If you are interested in making a change to only using natural based cleaning products in your home, this post will be full of good information for you. The products I am focusing on today are all natural cleaning products from the Shaklee company. I have been using these products for over four years. The best part about this is……..I AM STILL USING THE SAME SUPPLIES I GOT WHEN I FIRST RECEIVED THE PRODUCTS!!!!! I’m not sure if you can’t tell by the all caps and exclamation points how excited I am about that. I still have not had to repurchase the products because they last that long. $99 four years ago and I have never had to spend another dime on cleaning supplies. Talk about frugal!

The reason they last so long is because of the main cleaning ingredient, “Basic H2”. The Basic H2 is a highly concentrated formula to wipe away germs and keep your house really clean. With just a couple drops of basic H2 into a squirt bottle with water you have yourself either a window cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, and a degreaser. Best yet, with the “Get Clean Starter Kit” you get 3 squirt bottles labeled “Window Cleaner”, “All-Purpose” and “Degreasing” to help keep you organized. Im telling ya, the Basic H2 will last you a long time.

Products that come with the Get Clean Starter Kit ($99)

**Equivalent to $3400 worth of ready to use cleaning supplies that are full of chemicals and other harmful ingredients**

(Click each individual product for a link to purchase products individually)

Including all the accessories you need to get really clean:

  • Organizer Caddy (1)
  • Spray Bottles (3)
    • Windows and Mirrors
    • All-Purpose
    • Degreasing
  • Dropper Pipette (1)
  • 1/4 oz. Dispenser Pump for 32 oz. Bottle (1)
  • Laundry Measuring cup (1)
  • Dual Measuring Spoon (1)
  • Cleaning Accessories (4)
    • Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
    • Super Microfiber Window Cloth
    • Super Microfiber Dish Sponge
    • Miracle Scrubber Pad


With the purchase of a “Get Clean Starter Kit” you get a free membership to Shaklee and therefore get membership pricing which gives you even greater deals on their products. I would HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone who is looking to have a healthier, happier, and chemical free home! Click here to get started with the starter kit. You have a choice between “regular scent” and “fragrance free” so make sure you choose which scent style you would prefer.


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