10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Health Conscious People

November 10, 2021 Mallory 8Comment

Christmas is coming in hot this year and the need to buy gifts early is more important than ever. With shipping delays plaguing the world, gifts need to start being bought NOW if you want them here on time. Here I am saying this and have yet to buy a single gift but I have what one would call “gift anxiety”. I really like to be thoughtful about what I give people so I can’t think of anything good enough until we get to the week before and then I get desperate and get a gift card or something, ugh! I thought if I wrote this post a little early it would help even myself get on the path to buying gifts.

Why did I choose gifts for health conscious people you ask? Well, I for one know that getting a box of chocolates as a gift, while exciting can also hinder my after the holidays diet plan. Not really a diet but you know what I mean, trying to eat healthier.

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So here you are, 10 gift ideas that won’t mess up someones plan to get fit after the holidays are over:

1. Superfood Bundles

Superfoods are one of those things I always like to have but they aren’t fun to buy for yourself. Those types of items always make for the perfect gift. After a lot of trial and error with some Superfoods, I have come to enjoy YourSuper the best. Depending on your price range, they have superfood blend bundles ranging from $25 to $250. Whether you’re buying for someone trying to boost their immunity, have great skin, or just overall improve their health, YourSuper will have a bundle or blend they will like.

2. Hydration tablets

If you’re looking for some stocking stuffers I would suggest these Nuun hydration tablets. I always drink them before or after I’m having a few drinks or just on days where I forget to hit my water bottle as often as I should. Based on some of the hydrating drinks I’ve had, these are the ones that taste the best. When I went to Cabo last month these were a true life saver. You just add the tablets to your water and drink away.

This holiday season, Nuun is offering three limited-edition three-packs, specific for Energy ($24), Wellness ($21) and Exercise ($21), available at nuunlife.com

3. YogaBurn Subscription

I started going to in-person yoga a few months ago and have felt so much improvement in how my body feels and overall range of motion. Sometimes if I can’t make it in to yoga class, I will do an online class through YogaBurn. They offer a Total Body Challenge, which is perfect for someone who is trying to get into yoga or wants to improve their practice. For me, this would be a really exciting gift to receive and a perfect way to start off the new year in the right way.

4. Splendid Spoon Gift Box

Whether you want to send someone a 15 pack of smoothies, or meals for a few weeks, Splendid Spoon will have you covered. When you give gifts like this, you are really giving people the gift of time since their gift receiver wouldn’t have to cook that week. Splendid Spoon meals can be frozen or eaten directly from the box. They offer smoothies, soups, noodle bowls (my favorite), wellness shots, and grain bowls.

If you want more information about Splendid Spoon, check out my most updated review HERE!

5. Skincare Set

Another thing thats kind of expensive that I don’t like to buy but really really need, is good skincare. I have some dryyyyyyy skin and being on a skincare regimen is the best way for my face to not look like a flaky mess. After some trial and error, I have found one of my favorite skincare sets, Proven Skincare. Proven is great because I took a quiz about all of my skincare needs and they created a formula tailored directly to what I need. It took about a month or so to see results but once I did my skin has never looked better. I don’t have as much dryness and the overall tone of my face evened out.

Proven also adjusts your formula based on what the weather is like where you live. For instance, in the summer they add a higher SPF and more toning features and in the winter they add more hydrating ingredients. Also, they are pretty open about the types of ingredients being used and everything is healthy for your skin. This would be a great gift for the skincare lover in your life!

Click HERE to get $25 off your first order!

6. Personalized Stationary

Technology today is trying it’s hardest to make handwritten notes and cards a thing of the past. I still love receiving and giving thank you notes or just random cards to people. The extra effort someone puts in feels really good. I love having a good set of stationary so I am prepared if I want to write a last minute card to someone. Erin Condren has many items that can be personalized and my favorite of those items includes their personalized stationary.

While they have the personalized cards and notebooks, they also have an entire gift guide to check out. For anyone who is working from home or wants to spruce up their office, there are some great gifts they offer.

7. Ritual Vitamins

Okay, I know some of you are thinking…..I am not going to buy someone vitamins as a gift. Which is fair, but hear me out. Ritual is convenient because it is delivered to your door on a monthly basis. Also, the founder of the company and some very smart scientists did a lot of research on how to create a multivitamin that doesn’t include harmful ingredients that your body doesn’t need. Also, the dosage amounts are appropriate so you aren’t getting too little or too much of the wrong ingredients.

They sell bundles that would make for a great gift. They also recently started selling protein powder. I haven’t tried that yet so I can’t give it a solid review but if it’s anything like the vitamin I can’t imagine it’s bad.

8. Noom Subscription

Noom is a company who started on the idea of getting people healthy but focusing on behavioral change. A lot of people use Noom because they want to lose weight. I have used their program before simply because I wanted to get more fit but have some accountability to go along with it. The counselors that work for Noom guide you through your program giving you ideas on how to meet your goals while also holding you accountable. They offer a Free Trial if you wanted to try it out first before sending it to friends, but I have really enjoyed what Noom has done for me. Again, it focuses on behavioral change in hopes to create a lasting effect and not just short term progress.

Click HERE if you are interested in learning more about my thoughts on Noom!

9. 23 and Me Ancestry + Health Kit

I have ALWAYS wanted to do an ancestry kit. I’m not really sure why I haven’t since they are pretty inexpensive for what they offer. This year, I asked for one of these for Christmas so I am hoping to learn some more about myself when that comes in. What is nice about this 23 and Me Kit, is that is also comes with health predispositions. That may scare some people but I would prefer to know what I should be looking out for and maybe know about some extra nutrients I should be taking to try to combat those predispositions.

If you buy now they are currently $100 off!

10. Adult Coloring Book

We can’t talk about health conscious people if we don’t touch on mental health. Coloring can have relaxing effects on the brain and can be a great outlet for those who are stressed in areas of their lives. Personally, I used to play phone games or get on Tiktok when I wanted to relax but lately I have tried to stay off the phone and do something with my hands. Check out my favorite coloring book HERE and Crayon set HERE! These Crayons are nice because they twist up to have more crayon space to use because nobody likes a dull crayon.

And there you have it!

10 Christmas or Holiday gifts you can get for someone who is trying to stay mindful with what they put in their body and use with their mind. Hopefully these gift options are helpful to you and you can get them delivered to your house in time for the holidays!

I hope everyone has wonderful Holidays this year!

8 thoughts on “10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Health Conscious People

  1. These are great ideas for health concious and also for the people who have it all and don’t need more “stuff” I need gift guides to help me – i never know what to get anyone! I love that personalized stationary! That would be perfect for anyone – including me!

  2. These look so good!!! we don’t have them were I live but next time in the usa ill have to try!! thanks for sharing this

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