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How to Make Money Online for Beginners (over $1,000/month!)

June 19, 2018 Mallory 5Comment

For me, living the dream includes making money with flexible hours where I can still hang out with my dogs all day. Over the course of the past few years, I have spent countless hours researching how I can make enough money online to where I can make that my full-time job. I know some of you are just starting this process that’s why I thought it was important to write about how to make money online for beginners. The two jobs I talk about in this post have been the most consistent stream of income I have seen since I started my online ventures. One online money making opportunity I won’t talk about today is blogging. While I have been blessed the past few months with making my blog more monetarily profitable, it took 1.5 years and a ton of hard work to get here. The money also is not consistent. The ways I am talking about in this post are working for 2 different companies that can guarantee a paycheck each month while only working a few hours per day.

Another online money making opportunity that has been pretty lucrative for me is Freelance Writing. I didn’t mention it here because it deserves its own post. If you want to learn more about how to make money online by freelance writing check out my post HERE.

**Disclosure: I am a professional website author that receives compensation from the companies whose products I review. I test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. I am independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.**
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1. Rating Facebook Ads for Appen (formerly Leapforce)

I really hit the jackpot with this job. There is a company out there called “Appen” who pays you to rate Facebook ads for 1 hour per day. The project I am working on is called the “Nile” project. This includes a requirement of working 1 hour per day rating Facebook ads on the desktop/laptop for at least 5 out of the 7 days per week. I have made it a habit to include this in my daily routine to make sure I get paid every day of the month. Each hour I work, I get paid $13.50. It may not sound like a lot to some, but for sitting on my couch and not having to get dressed it’s a pretty good situation. On a 31 day month multiplied by $13.50/hour, I can bank about $418.50 per month from my couch.

Another project I work for with this company is called the “Saluda” project. This project is similar to the “Nile” project because I am rating Facebook ads. The difference is that I do this work from the Facebook app on my phone. With this project, I can only work 1 hour/week. It doesn’t bring in a ton of extra money but it pays for my Chipotle a couple of times a month. 4 hours/month multiplied by $13.50 = $54.00.

There are several other projects on Appen available to work on. This company always shows you what projects are available based on what you qualify for. This job requires a short application and resume to apply.

Overall, I make $472.50/month with Appen.

2. Teaching Online with VIPKid

This is another job that I love doing. It does differ from the Leapforce job in that I have to brush my hair before I work. This job includes teaching English to kids aged 5-12 years old from Beijing, China. This does not require any type of teaching degree or certificate. It does require a Bachelor’s degree of any type though. The beauty of VIPKid is they provide all of the lesson plans you may need. If you are really interested in becoming a VIPKID teacher, check out How to Become a VIPKID Teacher.

The way this works is, you open up your bookings based on when you are available. The parents will book you based on if your availabilities match up. I was worried at first that I wouldn’t get booked because I was new. To my surprise, my bookings were all full the day after I opened them up. Each class is 30 minutes long. You go through the slides (created by VIPKid) focusing on vocabulary words and conversational practices based on the level your student is at.

I was super nervous before my first few classes because I don’t know any Chinese and was worried there would be an awkward issue where we needed to communicate. I never got to a point where I felt uncomfortable and the parents and children are always so fun to talk to. My husband always laughs at me because for 30 minutes after each class I just talk about how much I enjoyed it and how funny the kids are. I really do enjoy doing this and it is really cool to interact with people on the other side of the world every day.

This job pays based on your experience and level of education. The pay ranges anywhere from $14-$22/hour. I am currently getting paid $18/hour ($8/30 minute class and $1/class for showing up on time) since I am pretty new. I usually do 2 classes/day which is a total of 1 hour/day. That totals up to $18/day multiplied by 31 days = $558.00/month……for 1 hour per day.

**The beauty of VIPKID is there is no maximum of how many hours you work. If you want to work 3 hours per day you could make up to $1674.00/month just with this job alone.**

I spent $15 on a whiteboard and that is the only money I had to put into this money making opportunity. Check out the whiteboard I got here:

In Conclusion…..

Here is the money that comes in each month from each job:

Leapforce: $472.50/month (1 hour per day) (1 day per week it is 2 hours/day)

VIPKid: $558.00/month (1 hour per day)

Total for working 2 hours/day: $1030.50/month

I can make a total of $1030.50/month for working 2 hours/day (3 hours/day once a week) in the comfort of my own home. With my full-time job being a teacher, I get paid practically nothing so it is nice to bring in a little extra income. I have been wanting to share these job opportunities for a while just because I have felt so much success with them. I hope a lot of people are able to get jobs with these companies! If anyone has questions or need help reach out to me at

**If you live in the USA and are new to the online/independent contracting game, it is important to note that you need to put 15% of each paycheck aside for taxes**

Good Luck!

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  1. This is such great advice!! I need to send this over to my friend who’s still in college, she’s going to love it!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’ve looked at work from home jobs before, but some just seem like a scam. It’s really nice to hear from someone who has actually tried them and has been paid. Yay for extra cash!

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