Celebrate the Wonder of Christmas with a Wine Advent Calendar

November 23, 2020 Mallory 8Comment

Over the past couple of months, I have surprisingly become more of a wine type of gal. I used to NEVER choose wine as my drink of choice when I go out or have a drink at home. I don’t know if it’s drinking at home more often (THANKS COVID) or what but lately I have been into it.

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Since I have been into having a glass of wine a few times a week I started doing some research on clean wines that aren’t going to make me feel gross the next day. I came across Scout and Cellar and recently realized they have an ADVENT CALENDAR! I thought, WOAH…okay okay…..I could see myself having fun with a wine advent calendar. So there I went, impulse purchasing an advent calendar.

So, this clean crafted wine advent calendar was a little different than I expected (which actually ended up being a good thing). It wasn’t a daily calendar but more of a “have a glass of wine when you are doing holiday activities” type of activity. I will post the photo below of the calendar so you can see what types of activities are included. Please note: I didn’t realize I was going to post about this advent calendar when I opened this baby up so please disregard that it looks a little sketchy **laughing emoji**.

So as you can see, this calendar has you try different wines based on what holiday activities you are up to. I OBVIOUSLY dipped into mine already since I have chosen to put up some Christmas decor earlier rather than later. I also just wanted to try certain wines so I tried those as well. Honestly, if you have ever wanted to just try out some different wines, this advent calendar is the perfect opportunity.

If you’re someone who drinks wine occasionally I would highly consider checking out Scout and Cellar. Having no chemicals in your wine makes a HUGE difference in how it tastes and how you feel.

Below I will post pictures of my favorite wines that I have tried so far in the advent calendar!

Try out the Advent Calendar and let me know what you think!! Mine shipped fast so you can definitely receive it before you start your holiday festivities!!

***A fun activity you can also do is make your own wine grapes! Click HERE for more information on how to do that***

8 thoughts on “Celebrate the Wonder of Christmas with a Wine Advent Calendar

  1. I love the idea of having no chemicals in my wine. It’s actually something I’ve never thought about. I’ve never heard of Scout and Cellar and intrigued. I’ll definitively check them out.

  2. I had no idea that advent calendara with wibe exist, but it is just great idea for all of us wine obsessed people xo

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