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How to Make it as a VIPKID Teacher

January 15, 2019 Mallory 0Comment

I have been a VIPKID Teacher for about a year now. When I signed up last year, I had no clue I would still be doing this regularly today. Connecting with people across the globe on the daily has been such a cool experience for me.

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When I first logged in to apply, I never thought I would actually follow through and do this. It felt like so much work and so many steps before I could actually teach and start making money. I started and stopped the process several times until I finally bit the bullet and followed through. For me, following through meant ordering a whiteboard off Amazon and hanging it on a random wall in my house. That “random wall” soon became my classroom.

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With a few stops at the dollar section at Target (to get letter/number cards and a few decorations), I was set. Looking back, the application experience was great because it helped me get ready to become a great ESL teacher. At first, I was nervous because I thought “oh, what if we get into this awkward moment where neither of us knows what the other is saying” or “what if they don’t listen”. Once I got started though, I realized how VIPKID already has the lessons set up to eliminate that from happening. Each lesson was pretty smooth sailing even when I was new. I always found myself talking about how much fun it was to my husband after I got done teaching.


Before we even dive into how to make it as a VIPKID Teacher, let’s take a look at the requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  2. Eligible to work in the USA or Canada
  3. High-Speed Internet
  4. 1 year of ANY TYPE of teaching experience (tutoring, coaching, mentoring). Don’t count yourself out if you haven’t had any teaching experience. This can be totally informal. Try to think of a time you have worked with children and helped them grow in any way.

Application Process

1. Create Account

First things first is to create an account. All you need to do is to come up with a username and password.

2. Submit Résumé

This is where they will check to make sure you have 1 year of teaching experience. Have you worked at a daycare? Tutored? Even if babysitting is all you have done it still may be worth including in your résumé.

3. Interview and Demo Lesson

The interview will be done with a current VIPKID Teacher. They are looking for friendliness, use of TPR (using movements to describe words), teaching techniques, etc…. They also may be checking out your teaching space. Find a blank background and try to find items to hang on the wall to make your classroom area seem more inviting. I knew someone who was a GREAT teacher but did not qualify they didn’t like her teaching space. You don’t have to go crazy but try to show that you put a little effort into it. You can see my whole teaching set up below. It is definitely nothing fancy, you can see I taped up my decorations and propped my laptop up with my printer. I can see a bit of a mess but the kids just see my welcoming and colorful background!

The demo lesson will be of just you, and no one else. Following the slides that VIPKID presented while you pretend you are working with someone else.

**Bonus Points: Wear an orange shirt (VIPKID colors) to show you mean business!**

4. Review Training Materials

VIPKID has a huge manual of training materials. This is full of information that will help you to pass your mock lesson.

5. Mock Lesson

If you have made it this far you are doing great! The mock lesson will be done with a current VIPKID teacher. Have a good reward system ready because they will sometimes misbehave to see how you react. You will want to reinforce good behavior with a positive reward. I have an ice cream cone and they add a scoop of ice cream to the cone as a reward. I also have a fish tank where they can add a fish as a reward. I am sure if you Google VIPKID rewards you will find tons of ideas.

Another thing to think about during this time is correcting pronunciation. If they make a pronunciation error you want to correct it IMMEDIATELY. Prompt pronunciation corrections are important to teaching the student the correct way to say words.

Don’t be nervous about the mock lesson. They want you to become a teacher just as bad as you do. After you teach for a while with this company, booked slots will become more exciting and less nerve-racking.

6. Submit Documents

After you have made it through all of the steps, VIPKID wants to make sure you actually received a Bachelor’s Degree so you will submit proof of that. They also will want a W-2 and background check done.

7. Open Up Booking Slots

Once you are all clear, open up slots to get booked for your first class! Remember, have fun and give lots of smiles and positive praise. You will do great!

Like any job, it is hard to not be nervous and quit because you don’t think you will make it. If you go through these steps and work hard you will be so happy with the outcome. Click HERE if you want to become a VIPKID Teacher.

Enjoy teaching,

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