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Mal’s Thoughts: Daily Harvest ($25 off)

April 6, 2020 Mallory 10Comment

Hey Everybody!

Over the past week, I have been trying some of the meals over at Daily Harvest. I like them because we agree on the concept that putting good ingredients in your body makes you feel good. Also, we agree that HEALTHY FOOD CAN TASTE GOOD. I have been wanting to try Daily Harvest for a while now after seeing some of their ads on Instagram. They offer a lot of unique options that I wouldn’t normally try so it was interesting to see how the flavor combinations they chose work together.

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The breakdown of what I ordered included 3 smoothies, 2 harvest bowls, and 1 soup. I tried to get a little of each type of food they had so I could get the full effect of what Daily Harvest is about.


I was LOVIN the smoothies that Daily Harvest had to offer. I ordered the “Blueberry + Hemp”, “Mango + Greens” and the “Mango + Papaya” smoothie. Now I’ll be honest, on my usual trips to the store I’m not goin’ around purchasing papaya on the daily so it was nice to have a unique ingredient that I don’t normally get in my smoothie. I felt this way about several ingredients with the smoothies.

I thought it was pretty cool how they have all of their ingredients listed in large print on the back. It was nice to see exactly what I was eating and also to see the small number of ingredients that were being used. Staying away from crazy named ingredients is always on my to-do list so I was diggin the simplicity of all of this. Featured above is the Mango + Papaya smoothie, which was my favorite!

Harvest Bowls

Another type of cup Daily Harvest offers are the Harvest Bowls. I tried the “Beet + Avocado Poke” and the “Brussels sprouts + Lime Pad Thai” bowls.

I liked both bowls but my favorite was the “Brussels sprouts + Lime Pad Thai” bowl. I love Pad Thai and I love Brussels sprouts so I had a feeling I would like this. The taste was near perfection. I did find myself being a little hungry afterwards and wishing there was more in there. I am sure they portion everything just right based on what people should be eating, I think I just probably eat more than your average person.


The last cup I tried was the “Mushroom + Miso” Soup. Is it obvious what my favorite type of food is? As I write this post I am starting to realize that all of the lunches I chose fit into the realm of Asian cuisine. Anyway, the soup was great. Similarly to the bowls, I wasn’t completely full just from the soup but it made for a nice main course.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really like Daily Harvest and plan to order from them again! They are nice to grab out of the freezer on a day where I just want something simple, yet healthy to make. The smoothies were top notch and I would drink them every day if I could.

Right now, Daily Harvest is offering $25 off to my readers on their first order using the code “mallory“. What a perfect time to give them a try! If you order from Daily Harvest or have tried them before let me know what you think below in the comments.

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I’ve heard great things about these! The convenience is one of my favorite things! No meal prepping just grab n go

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