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Mal’s Thoughts: Warby Parker Glasses

June 6, 2019 Mallory 1Comment

As I have aged I noticed my eyesight is starting to decline. I go to the eye doctor probably once every year or so and every time….they change my prescription just a touch. Which means I need new glasses every year. Now I am not your typical human who wears contacts or glasses all of the time. My eyesight is good enough to get me through I just need them if I need to see far away or if I am driving. I should probably be wearing glasses all the time but sometimes it’s just hard to remember.

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So, since I have to buy new glasses every year I can’t be dropping $500 on frames at the eye doctor. I did some searching around and found Warby Parker. They have a cool feature where you can choose 5 pairs of glasses you like and they will send them to your house………for free! I really liked this feature because ya know…you gotta try on the frames to make sure they look good on your face before you make a purchase. Every time I have purchased glasses from Warby Parker it has cost about $95. $95 DOLLARS!!! For a cute pair of frames. AND they accept vision insurance so really I can usually get a pair without spending a dime (besides what I spend on my insurance, ha).

Let’s break down how the process works…..

1. Choose 5 Frames You Like

Warby Parker has a good collection of frames to choose from. I’m sure you can find some frames that will fit any type of style that you’re going for. The fun of the home try on is that you can try on that risky pair that you might NEVER want to try on in public. Who knows, they may look great! The risky pair I tried on didn’t but ya know… each their own.

2. Try On at Home

3. Send the Frames Back with Pre-Payed Postage

This part is pretty simple. They already have everything ready for you to send the frames back, including postage.

4. Purchase the Frames You Like and Give them Your Prescription

I couldn’t believe how easy this part of the process is. All I had to do what scan in my prescription and email the picture and they did the rest. Their website is really easy to navigate and I was able to find my favorite pair of glasses quickly.

5. Receive in the Mail

After a short amount of time, I received my glasses in the mail.

and the winner for me was…………

This pair of frames is called “Wallis”. I liked the touch of Navy with tortoise.

Final Thoughts…

I loved how easy and risk-free this process was. It was nice to be able to try them on at home, take pictures with them on, the works! I am really happy with the whole process of how this company works and plan to use them for all of my glasses purchases in the future!

If you’re interested in trying out Warby Parker glasses head over to their website!

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  1. My prescription changes everytime I go in too! My last round I had to upgrade to bifocals. I used to get mine online but I’m nervous to now that I wear bifocals!

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