My 2022 Wrap-Up: Looking Forward to 2023

January 1, 2023 Mallory 0Comment

It’s no secret that I’ve taken a little step back from my blog this past year. I’ve been doing a lot of freelancing which has taken up the better part of my time. For a hot second, I even had a full-time job as a marketing specialist that kept me busy. They listed they were hybrid on their job posting and once I started realized hybrid for them meant being in the office every day. So it didn’t work out. The good news though, I freelance for them now on top of my other projects! Now I’m at a point where I’m ready to focus my time back on my blog and my own projects.

Honestly, 2022 was an awesome year! My boyfriend and I bought a sick house that we love. We went on some vacations, and, overall just had a ton of fun together. I also have an amazing and large friend group that gets together at least a few times a month. We had our annual Galentine’s Day celebration and new this year, Friendsgiving. My friend group just loves to celebrate the holidays because….why not?!

2022 Vacations

I’m gonna start off here by saying my boyfriend and I *suck* at remembering to take photos. Which is a great thing in that we are always enjoying the moment but also sucks when wanting to look back on memories later. Thankfully, we at least remember to snap a few.

In 2022, we started off the year headed to Cancun, Mexico in February. In May, we headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the PGA Championship. Shortly after in June, we went to Colorado because my boyfriend ran in the Leadville Marathon. In September, we returned to Cancun but to a different resort with some friends. To say the least, it was a fun year of travel.

February – Cancun

We went to Cancun (technically Riviera Maya) and stayed at the El Dorado Royale Casitas. That shit was *luxury*. If we go to Mexico again we plan to just stay there every time. We had a butler who brought us whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, wherever we wanted. The food was gourmet, the drinks were top-shelf, and there wasn’t really anything I would change about that place. EXCEPT! You can’t eat at the pool. Which, like, I get it but….sometimes I want a little snacky while I’m chillin’ at the pool.

May – Tulsa, OK

In May, we headed to Tulsa for the PGA Championship. I’m not a huge golf player, but I do enjoy watching. So this was pretty much a dream come true. It was so cool to see the golfers in real life. We went with our friends that we have gone on several trips with and always have a good time.

The boys went to the tournament on Thursday and Friday, while the girls just went Friday. It was nice going on one of the first days of the tournament before anyone got cut. That way, we could see everyone we wanted to. We stayed at a Casino hotel, which was pretty fun, and went to some great restaurants. Who knew Tulsa had such a good restaurant scene?!

June – Colorado

In June, my boyfriend ran the Leadville Marathon. Which is like, one of the hardest marathons in the country because of the altitude and rough terrain. Damn though, he completed it in a decent time and didn’t seem half-dead after. It was so cool to see him finish and complete something he had really worked hard towards. This February, he is running a 60-mile race that he’s training for. I’m currently training to be his pit crew :).

His mom and stepdad came on the trip too and we all stayed in this nice log cabin Air BNB. We went to some nice restaurants, went on a few cool hikes, and just chilled at the house and relaxed. Overall, it was a great trip.

September – Cancun

September, we headed to Cancun with our friends that we went to Tulsa with. This trip was *somewhat* stressful because we were in the process of selling my house after we had already put a non-contingent offer on another. While in Mexico, the buyers of my house were doing the inspection. The contract said after the inspection, they had a right to cancel the contract, which would have royally screwed us. Thankfully, all went through accordingly and we had a great time in Mexico.

We stayed at the Barcelo Riviera Maya. It was nice and new, which I loved. The dinners were AMAZING! Having a hibachi grill at an all-inclusive resort might be the best thing that’s happened to me. During the day we all just chilled at the pool and beach all day. One day we went on a boat ride and snorkeled. We were able to see a live octopus, fresh out of the water lol!

We Bought a House!

A huge highlight of 2022 is that we bought a house together. Chase sold his house back in March and moved into my house. We weren’t really planning to move but one day he was scrolling through Zillow and was like, woah…we gotta see this house. So the next day we went and looked and our impulsive asses put a non-contingent offer on it. In hindsight, that was a little dumb but it all worked out in the end lol.

Our new home is a reverse 1.5 story which is uhhhhh amazing. Our bedroom and my office are on the main floor, while the workout room, guest bedroom, and a second living area are in the basement. Our backyard backs up to a field which is a blessing and a curse. We love the privacy….but big momma doesn’t care for the coyote and snake I saw within a week of living here. I’m not a wildlife girl.

Other Things That Happened in 2022

2022 wasn’t super eventful but in the best way. I did a lot with friends, family, and my dogs that I enjoyed. other things that happened this year include:

  • I tried CAVA for the first time which was a *touch* life changing.
  • I took the dogs swimming!
  • I went to the pool and to the lake a lot over the summer.
  • I got in a pretty bad car accident. The lady who caused the accident flipped upside down and had to get taken to the hospital immediately. She ended up being okay though, thankfully. My car sustained damage but thankfully was fixable.
  • I had all of the fun with my friends.
  • We got better at cooking at home and finding good and easy meals we like.
  • We both got Covid once at the same time.

Looking Forward to 2023

In 2023, I plan to eat a little healthier, work out a little more, work a little harder, make a little more money, and hang with my friends and dogs more. Life is pretty good so I don’t need a huge change. Little tiny changes to make each part of life 1% better is great for me!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you reach your 2023 goals!

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