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Mal’s Thoughts: Splendid Spoon Review ($25 off)

May 13, 2018 Mallory 93Comment

Meal delivery services are starting to become a weekly staple in households all over the place. At first, I didn’t participate because there weren’t many vegan options and the price for the amount of food I received didn’t seem worth it. With the meal delivery market blowing up within the past few years, there are options for those of us who like to eat a little bit more of a specific diet. Splendid Spoon’s meal service has been a game changer for me lately. That is why I found it important to give my official Splendid Spoon Review!

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If you know me, you know that I am frugal. I am not going to spend a ton of money on food when I know I can usually get in and out of the grocery store in under $70/week. I was skeptical about these meal kits at first because I wasn’t sure the amount of food I was getting would be worth the money. After trying some out, I realized the convenience might be worth jumping on the meal kit bandwagon. I tried pretty much every plant-based meal program out there and landed on my favorite; Splendid Spoon.

When I got Splendid Spoon I tried “The Program 2.0”. With this program, I received Breakfast and lunch for 5 days and a full day cleanse. When I first saw the word “cleanse” I rolled my eyes a little because I think of the word “cleanse” as some type of health buzzword……I’d be lying though if I didn’t say I felt pretty good and energized after it. The whole meal plan was nice and easy to stick to because the foods were delicious, filling, and I still got to splurge a little at dinner because I had stayed on track all day. The goal for me with “The Program 2.0” was to give my body the reset that it needed. My goal was not to lose weight, but just be healthy and fill my body with good stuff. Although, it would be easy to lose a few pounds easily with this meal program.

Heres the breakdown of everything that came in the kit:

  • 5 Breakfasts (Smoothies): This part of the program was pretty easy for me because I drink a smoothie for breakfast anyway. My usual daily smoothies have the same stuff besides an occasional fruit change so it was nice to try out some different flavors.

The smoothies flavors that came included: Cacao Almond, Turmeric Chai, AB&J, Blueberry Acai, and Hibiscus Maqui.

I tried the Turmeric Chai Latte smoothie first because I totally judged a book by its cover and thought I wouldn’t like it. I wanted to get the one I didn’t think I would like over with. The yellowish look kind of weirded me out a little but I gave it a go anyway. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized how great this tasted. Now, I am no food connoisseur but I would say the flavors tasted “complex”. Yes, “complex” is a great word to describe how this tasted. I have never needed to use this word to describe food but I could tell there were a lot of different flavors mixed together to create one interesting, but good flavor.

The Cacao Almond, Turmeric Chai, AB&J, and Hibiscus Maqui were all great! I saved the Blueberry Acai for last because I thought I would like that one the best. To my surprise, it was probably my least favorite of the group. I just kept getting my guesses of what would be good wrong with these smoothies. It was still pretty good though.

As promised, all of these smoothies kept me full until lunchtime and even gave me a couple smoothie ideas for when I started making my own again.

  • 5 Lunches (Soup): I was a little worried about soup every day for lunch because I thought maybe I wouldn’t feel full or satisfied. The soups ended up being really filling to the point where I almost couldn’t finish one of them.

The soups I received included: Red Lentil Dal, Broccoli and Hempseed, Kabocha Congee, Ikarian Stew, and Red Cabbage Borscht. Now, the first four soups listed I loved, loved LOVED! Happy as a clam as I ate each one….and then I got to the Red Cabbage Borscht. Now I will preface this by saying that I have never had Borscht in my entire life, nor really had the desire…..but I thought hey…..its here…..may as well give it a go. I’m just going to leave it at this: Borscht is not my thing, I don’t like it, and don’t care to try it again. I am sure if you are a borscht lover this soup is great but I cannot give it an honest review since I have never had borscht and have nothing to compare it to. In my next box, I will throw in a special request to maybe leave that one out.

  • One Day Soup Cleanse: As I said before, the word “cleanse” isn’t really my thing. I wanted to try this program out with fidelity though so I gave it a go and didn’t chew food for a whole day. I fully expected to hate my life that day because the thought of sipping on soup all day made me feel bloated just thinking about all of that liquid. I didn’t feel bloated at all though. I felt very full and satisfied without having my stomach puffed out.

The soup cleanse came with the following soups: Pumpkin Pear Hempseed, Carrot Turmeric Elixir, Parsnip Apple, and as a nightcap…..a little vegan bone broth. The instructions said that these could be eaten hot or cold. I shivered at the thought of cold soup….gross. I tried the Pumpkin Pear Hempseed first. Yes, I tried it cold because I wanted to see if this lived up to the hype of being good hot or cold. There I was again………wrong at my initial impression of how the soup would taste. I drank this whole soup cold. The other soups I drank warm because they were better that way.  Everything in the soup cleanse was great and filled me up. I woke up the next day feeling like a star.

Final Thoughts:

Would I recommend this? Yes. Personally, this is not something I would get every week because it is a little outside of my budget but it is worth the money to do once per month. It was really easy to stick to and for the most part the food was great. I also liked how I could eat whatever I wanted to for dinner and still feel like I was staying on track.

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93 thoughts on “Mal’s Thoughts: Splendid Spoon Review ($25 off)

    1. I love turmeric too! I wish my husband was as into it as me so I could add it to every meal every night! Ha!

  1. I drink smoothies for breakfast in summer and I’d ike to try the Cacao Almond one.
    Unfortunately we don’t have Splendid Spoon here.

  2. Goodness how I’d love this right now. I’m trying to cut out some meats, and this would be such a great boost while I’m looking up and leaning about new meal options. Those breakfast smoothies look wonderful!

  3. Those smoothies sound soooo good! I love smoothies but hate taking the time to make them and clean the blender lol, this sounds like the perfect solution!

    1. It’s funny because I am the same way about cleaning my blender. I always make my smoothie before I get ready for the day just so that the “cleaning of the blender” portion of that day is over, ha!

  4. Love that it included soups. i need more savory options in my cleanses, otherwise i feel like I’ve had too much sugar (yes… even without refined sugars added)
    Great info!

  5. This sounds sooo good and healthy! I will have to look into this because we are about to move, so I don’t have time to cook. I am trying to be healthy though, so it would be perfect for me.

  6. We have never used a meal program like this but I have always wondered what they would be like. Everything looks very healthy with is a big plus.

  7. I love a good food service. I agree on not ordering one every week but I do think they are a nice treat to have every now and then.

  8. I’ve never done a liquid cleanse, but I’m glad you felt better after yours. These flavors all seem really tasty. I am a huge smoothie drinker in the morning so that would be an easy thing for me to do. I also am one of those people who actually like borscht, so I would be cool with that option too!

  9. Those smoothies look delicious. I recently tried a meal plan service with delivery or pickup options and loved the convenience.

  10. I totally agree that this would be something nice to do once a month due to the cost. I wish there was something like this in my area.

  11. This sounds awesome! I really need to eat healthier, but I need convenient ways of doing so. Those smoothies and foods all sound unique and tasty.

  12. I had not heard about this meal service before! I love the idea of smoothies prepped for me already every day because it’s one of my favorite breakfasts too.

  13. I have tried meal services in the past as well, and like you, I am happy with them but they seem a little pricey when compared to my own shopping….but BOY are they convenient! Also, that Turmeric Latte Smoothie looks DELICIOUS

  14. I had no idea that there was even a plant based meal service out there!! I love the idea of smoothies and soups – since that’s typically what I eat every day too! Definitely going to keep this in mind as I head into my busy season at work.

  15. I love smoothies and soup, so this looks like a meal delivery service I would actually use. I also like that minimal effort is required. Many other delivery services provide the ingredients, but you still need to cook. Honestly, there are nights when cooking is the last thing I want to do and end up heating up a soup anyway. So, Splendid Spoon might be the right choice for me. Also, I totally get that Borscht is not everyone’s cup of tea, but since I like it, I’m curious how this one tastes!

  16. I really enjoyed your review and got a kick out of your initial skepticism because I would be the same way. I definitely agree – this sounds like something nice to do every once in a while. Love that their help section says they make allergy substitutions – I have an almond allergy so I was initially bummed when I saw that one of the smoothies had almonds in it.

  17. Splendid Spoon looks great!! I love that I wouldn’t have to think about breakfast and lunch for a week, but I think I would want something to break up all the liquid. I love doing cleanses and would love the one day cleanse, but I don’t know how I would feel after 5 days of smoothies and soup.

  18. This is what I’ve been needing in my life! I really like meal kits, but I’m trying to be healthy before my wedding and so often they are not healthy but this one looks amazing, delicious, and easy on the waistline.

  19. This looks like an amazing meal delivery option! I can’t imagine how hard it would be to find plant based options so I’m happy you found one you like!

  20. That sounds amazing!! But I actually am going to back out from delivery services because I’m just too often on the road and don’t want to waste the food :/ but besides that love that there are vegan options 💖

  21. This looks like a great way to have a “re-set” week. The food looks really good and there is a lot of variety of flavors.

  22. I havent heard of Splendid Spoon before this. I have tried many other meal services but this one looks the best for convenience! Must try. 🙂

  23. I’m so glad there’s a vegan meal service out there now. I think I would have been skeptical of a soup cleanse like you too. Glad it worked out though!

  24. What interesting flavors and they all sound great. Have not heard of Splendid Spoon, so I’ll definitively check them. No harm in adding more plant based foods to my diet. Thanks for the introduction to them 🙂

  25. I’ve tried quite a few home delivery meal services. I’ll have to see if this delivers I’ll our new address. My kids would be trying to steal the smoothies

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